What Makes Great Chartered Accountants?

Do you want to become a chartered accountant? Do you know the qualities that great chartered accountants have?  Would you want to be great chartered accountants? If yes, you might be researching the qualities of great chartered accountants. Chartered accountancy is among the greatest, respectable and reputable professions in today’s society. In order for you to become a chartered accountant, there are certain qualities and skills that are required.


While most people have certain skills and qualities, they do not make them great chartered accountants. Therefore, since you want to become a great chartered accountant, you need to learn several qualities that will make you successful in this career. For this reason, if you want to become a chartered accountant, you need to make sure that you acquire the qualities that are discussed in the following section.

Qualities That Make Great Chartered Accountants

  • Confidentiality

When you are a chartered accountant, your clients will disclose their data and financial information to you. In most cases the information that your clients will be disclosing to you contains confidential information that can never be disclosed to anyone until or unless it is required by the law.  This means that you will have to be dealing with great levels of confidential data and information which requires you as the chartered accountant to be confidential.

  • Excellent and clear communication skills

Having excellent communication skills is very important for all professionals.  When you have the ability to communicate perfectly with your colleagues and clients, you get more clients and recognition.  Chartered accountants need to explain all their financial details in an understandable way and listen to the needs of their clients.  This makes clients feel comfortable when they are working with these chartered accountants.  Therefore, you need to learn how to communicate clearly and perfectly since this not only makes you successful but also prevents you from making any mistakes.

  • Ethical

This is one of the qualities that you will lack in most professionals that deal with taxes and accounts.  Although being ethical is not an easy task, it does not mean that you should not be ethical.  Chartered accountants need to be ethical at all times and should avoid doing any tax frauds since it is crucial in this profession. Also, you should ensure that you inform the company management of any discrepancies and dubious activities in accounts since this is ethical.

  • Confident

Confidence is one of the qualities that will help you achieve your goals in your chartered accountancy career. When you are confident, it means that you believe in yourself and this makes others believe in you too. This makes you achieve even what seems impossible.   Being confident also helps you handle any job no matter how challenging it is and it makes your clients feel comfortable when they are working with you. Therefore, make sure that you are confident and that your clients are seeing this quality in you.

  • Great time management skills

Chartered accountants also need to be great time managers especially because they have so many assignments to handle.    This helps them save on the time they spend on every assignment ensuring that they handle all the assignments in time.

  • Equipped with latest technology

It is also important for chartered accountants to be equipped with the latest technology related to their field.  This is to  ensure that they do their job in more efficient ways. When you are equipped  with the latest technologies, then it becomes easier for you to do your job.

  • Good organizational skills

The other quality that great chartered accountants have is great organization skills.  This is because there is so much paperwork and data to be managed everyday and must be organised perfectly.  With great organizational skills chartered accountants are able to find any data anytime they require it.  Therefore this is another skill that you need to practice if you want to be a great chartered accountant.


Final thoughts

If all you have ever wanted is to become a great chartered accountant, you now know the qualities that you need to possess. With the above qualities, nothing will hinder you to be great in your career. CT Harris are chartered accountants in Rockhampton that you might want to apply to.



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